DFY Style

16th Aug 2014 Magento Community Edition

DFY is a new line of mobile audio from a world leader in mobile audio, with more than 30 years of excellence. The DFY line was created to meet the needs of You!

DFY is an attitude – it’s about change – it’s about defying the status quo – letting you be you, and to be different. DFY represents your independence and bold thinking. Your uniqueness, your own approach to life.

DFY is for originals and rebels – for you. It’s not the sameness you find with other brands. It’s unique in its design, features and capabilities.

DFY is personal audio, audio to make the party happen, audio to keep you connected, and new wearable technologies that will change the way you interact with technology – more personal, more about you, and making sure that you can be you in our technology driven world.